Robotics Spring Break in Steiner Ranch 2019

For Girls & Boys 8 - 12 Years Old

Kids working together to build & create robots. They will learn how to BUILD and CODE using Raspberry Pi,  Scratch & Python. Kids will learn problem solving and teamwork while having FUN learning about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

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We Encourage Creativity!


Follow step-by-step instructions to build projects and learn new things. Build your first robot, then expand upon it to build whatever you can imagine. Beginner to advanced projects.
No experience needed to start building!


Learn to code with Block-based Bloxter & Scratch curriculum. Create your own code using Raspberry Pi. Learn the same programming languages used in local schools.


Children collaborate with each other to explore and solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.
Let your child's creativity flow!


Introduction to Robotics with guided robotics lessons. Build your own robot car with GoPiGo. Learn the same methodology and concepts used by our local robotics teams that ranked as a top in the world!
No experience necessary for robotics!

Locally Owned and Run!

Christina Morales

Irina and son Aaron

We are two Steiner Ranch moms who have been volunteer teaching Lego robotics at the local elementary schools for the last few years. Our goal is to teach kids new things and get them excited about robotics!

Christina and Irina both have children in the local schools and realize how much kids get out of STEM beyond robotics and electronics.

Available in Steiner Ranch Stem Camp Spring Break


Stem Camp USA
Stem Camp USA
Stem Camp USA
Stem Camp USA

Why Send Your Child to STEM Camp?

As a parent you value fun, engaging learning experiences and want to encourage your children to develop their interests and intellect and explore their sense of wonder.

STEM Camp USA provides a fun, accessible way for children to explore their sense of wonder through structured, hands-on experiences and learning opportunities.

Integration of robotics into core curriculum.

Children collaborate with each other to explore and solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.

Give your children the opportunity to be amazed by the world of STEM.

STEM Camp USA is a convenient, enjoyable camp option for parents who want their kids empowered and engaged.

What We Offer At Our Camps?

Air Conditioned

Guarantees Small Class Size For Personalized Learning

Guided Lessons

20 Kids per camp

Just 6-7 kids per instructor

Thorough Background Checks

Fully Insured

Instructors Trained In Person

Family Friday Showcase - debute final project


“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” Steve Jobs

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3rd-7th grade students;

Boys & Girls 8-12 yr old. 


March 18 - 22, 2019 (9-12pm)


Bella Mar Steiner Ranch, Austin Texas

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